Tips of keeping Skin Soft and Glowing in winters

Winter care

Winter care for dry skin

Winter is not a fun weather for your skin. Low humidity and cold weather result in dry skin. It steals moisture away from the surface of the skin every single moment. Without performing immediate, it can lead to dry skin and even with bleeding and cracking. Harsh winter winds make the problem of dry skin even worse. Additional moisture helps you in solving up the problem, but you need to do more for actually counteract on the effects and keep your skin looking smooth and youthful. For reducing the redness, chapping, and itching sensation and for keeping your skin more healthy and smooth, try these of fighting against dry skin this winter.

Tips on avoiding dry skin this winter:

  • Bathing under hot shower always feels good in the winters. But when particular going for washing your hands and face, it’s advisable of washing from Luke warm water for avoiding stripping as many amount of oils away from your skin.
  • You skin in winters not only needs more quantity of moisture but it is important of applying moisture right after the wash. Applying the moisture just after washing your skin helps in sealing the dampness into your skin. It is advisable of keeping a bottle of cream or moisturizer just besides yours bathtub, sink and shower stall and use it liberally every time you wash your skin.
  • It is very important for selecting correct moisturizer that is suitable to your skin. Some of the moisturizers have petroleum based elements that might actually dry your skin furniture after applying it. It is advisable of selecting a right and smart moisturizer that consist of nourishing and natural elements.
  • You can apply an oil based moisturizer rather than using water based solution, as it is more likely of retaining the moisture in winters. It also helps in getting rid of redness, itchy skin and offers a natural feel to your dry skin.
  • When the winters are set, it is very important for protecting your skin in any means you can. Make the use of scarves and gloves for protecting your dry skin from cold weather, snow and rain. Don’t forget to apply the sunscreen.
  • Trust me, winter sun can also be as damaging as the summer sun. So it is advisable of applying a safe option of sunscreen to your dry skin before you head out of your home.
  • Heating system dry up the air, so it is recommended of adding and installing a humidifier at your home. Well, particular suitable for your bedroom. It will help in putting the moisture back into the air and helps in preventing your skin from getting dry.
  • Dry areas in your body like hands, knees, elbow and feet have thinner skin and tend to loose moisture faster as compared to other parts of the body. It is advisable of applying a deep moisturizer while you are going off the bed.
  • Apply the moisture on the parts of the body and cover it by wearing socks and gloves. It will help in retaining the glow and not let your feet or other parts get dry.

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