Get rid of uneven skin tone with baking powder

uneven skin toneBaking soda can work brilliantly in treating damaged and uneven skin. It has several natural chemicals along with antibacterial properties that can fix your damaged skin beautifully with no side effects. The mineral nutrient of baking soda dissolve quickly in skin and if you mix the powder with water and start rubbing on your skin then it can work greatly as a scrub.

The dead skins exfoliate from your body and this gives your skin a fresh and smooth look. The antibacterial components of baking soda help lessen the pimples of your skin and it also help you reduce blackheads from your skin.

But if you already have dry skin then you have to use baking soda consciously because it might over dry your skin and make your skin rough. So while using it you should be slow at the beginning. Applying baking soda with water once in a month is a good idea.


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