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How to get thick long lashes at home

eye lashes, eye careThe eye lashes make you look beautiful. Also they protect your eyes in a great way by keeping away dust particles and debris from entering your eyes directly. To have beautiful and longs eye lashes, you have to follow certain things and have to include certain items in your daily diet to get the desired result.

Try eating foods that have plenty of amounts of vitamin C and biotin. The biotin is a very important protein responsible for cell growth. Also the vitamin B3 helps in formation of collagen which is responsible for strength and structure of eye lashes. Thus you can get thick, long and beautiful eye lashes.

Too much exposure to the ultra violet rays or the sun’s rays and use excessive mascara can cause the deterioration and fall of eyelashes. So try avoiding the use of too much artificial cosmetic products rather concentrate on using vitamin A which contribute in the growth of eye lashes.