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Find the root cause of acne

Cause of acne, tips to cure acneOne of the basic causes of acne is the food habit. There may be an imbalance in the hormonal activities in our body due to the consumption of the wrong foods. If you have foods that are acidic, you may suffer from acne. Blueberry and corn are examples of such foods.

If you want to avoid acne, you should eat a lot of fruits. Citrus fruits are very good for keeping acne away. While food is the most important thing to consider when it comes to acne, the next most important thing is stress. An acne breakout may be the cause of overstressed situations. It is very important to have a healthy lifestyle. The blood should be free from toxic substances and for that you may drink a lot of water. If you have a clear digestive system, your skin will be healthy and chances of acne would be much less.

Top 10 signs of skin ageing

Skin aging is something which every individual, especially the women are afraid of. Their once flawless skin being subjected to snide remarks does not go down too well. There are various signs for skin aging and some of them are dry skin and dullness, uneven skin tone, appearance of pores, uneven skin texture and loss of skin elasticity. These are some of the major signs of skin aging which the experts are fighting to find a solution to.

Apart from the above mentioned signs, there are various other signs of skin aging such as lines and wrinkles, appearance of brownish spots, pigmentation of the skin, blotches on the face and redness of the skin. All these skin aging signs however can be combated with the application of the various anti skin aging creams and lotions that are now available in the market and regain the former glory of the skin.