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Tips of Removing Sun Tan Naturally

Tips of Removing Sun Tan NaturallySummer is considered to be such season which we cannot miss out at all right? We all love wearing the best summer clothes, getting the beach arena and spending lots of time near the sea shore and enjoying the scenario with your loved ones or your family members. But the one thing which keeps on hammering us is the tan skin which we observe because if the sun. But don’t worry there are many tips of removing sun tan naturally which you can go for. I know there are many different salons which can help you in this matters but it is more advisable of removing sun tan naturally if you can go for because it is not going to harm up your body at all and better it is considered to be cheap as compared to those of the spas and the chemical application on your body.

This article will help you in knowing for the tips of removing sun tan naturally which you can go for. I know it is considered to be time consuming process but mark my words you are going to get out of it the results and that too with the cheap of expenditure which you have thought of. Well, there are many examples which can help you to know about hoe to remove sun tan naturally like make the use of natural packs which can help you in healing up for the tanned skin, make the use of besan, etc. and many more of the packs and natural remedies which can help you in the matters of removing sun tan naturally.

Tips of removing sun tan naturally

  • Well, there are many things which can help you in the matters of removing sun tan naturally and amongst them the first one which you can go for is making the pack of natural ingredients which are easily available at our home. Take cucumber, rose water and lemon and squeeze the lemon juice and mix it all well. Make the fine paste of it and apply it on your face. After applying it leave it for at least 20 to 30 minutes and remove it with the help of the Luke warm water. Apply it regularly for better results which will help you in removing sun tan naturally which you can go for exercising at your home.
  • Besan and turmeric powders mixture is another way which can help you in removing sun tan naturally which you can definitely go for applying it in your home. Beasn is considered to be good for skin and turmeric is considered to be Ayurveda which helps the skin for getting heal about the wound and the tanning too. Make a fine paste of it and apply it on your tan regions and leave it until it gets dry, after that scrub it well so that all the tan parts of your body can get enough amount of glow which can help you in getting your original skin back.
  • Not only these but there are many other ways which can help you in the matters of removing sun tan naturally at your home without spending more of your money in this matter.

Summer Care Tips For Oily Complexion

Summertime means fun time and you are busy with outdoor activities. For those who have an oily complexion summertime might not be very pleasant. This is because the sweat mixes with the excess oil on your skin and you just feel miserable. Here are certain summer care tips for your oily complexion.

Whenever you get the opportunity wash your face. Use a proper face-wash or cleanser that is specially meant for oily complexion and the summer months. You can exfoliate your skin at times. Remember to moisturize your oily skin after washing it so that it does not dry.

Use a SPF moisturizer so that your skin is protected from ultraviolet rays of the sun. It will also be good if you can apply a sunscreen lotion each time you go out in summer months. It is always advised to apply cosmetics that are not oil based. Follow a healthy diet as it can have good effect on your oily skin.

How to protect your skin from the sun

Tips to protect skin from sun, skin care tipsIf you want to protect your skin from the sun, you will have to follow some rules. Firstly, you have to avoid the sun as much as possible between ten in the morning to three in the afternoon. The rays of the sun are strongest during this time and so, the risk of skin burns is high at this time.

It is not always possible to stay completely away from the sun and you may have to come out of your house during the period of ten to three. It is very important that you wear a protective layer of sunscreen whenever you go out under the sun. The lotion should be at least of 30 SPF. If possible, use a hat that is lightweight so that the face and the neck are covered. Choose a hat that looks good and serves the original purpose as well. Try to wear light, cotton and long sleeved clothes in summer.

Sun protection essentials

Prevent skin from sun, skin care tipsSummers are marked by scorching sunlight and humid temperature. The heat takes a tool on the health, so it is essential to take protection from the blazing sun.
Due to the Ozone Layer Depletion the harmful Ultraviolet sunrays enter the earth surface which is the main reason for skin cancer and several eye problems. Usage of sunscreen or a sun-block is a must when you step outside your home. The sunscreens have the quality of absorbing or reflecting the harmful UV radiation. A big hat and fully covered protective clothing need to be used for protection against sunburn. Polarized sunglasses will protect your eyes from the heat of the sun.

You can put Peppermint or lavender drops on your neck and below your feet which will give a cooling sensation in summers. However peppermint drops in your drinking water will cool the temperature of the body. Umbrellas are a must. Drink Vitamin C which repairs the damaged tissues and also take lots of water and fresh juicy fruits to safeguard yourself from the summer heat.

It is important to moisturize your skin during summers?

Tips to moisturize skin, summer skin careIt is important to keep your skin moisturized all you long. Moisture of the skin is important for keeping the skin in a healthy condition. If you do not keep your skin moisturized you will have to face the harsh conditions of the scorching sun. The rays of the sun are very hard during the summer time and if you do not moisturize your skin during the summer, you will have your skin tanned.

You would not be able to have a normal skin tome and there would be dark patches all over your skin. Lack of moisture shows sickness of the skin. If you think that moisture is needed only in winter, you are mistaken. a lot of moisture can be drained away during the summer and it is important that you get it back. Therefore, whoever told you that moisturizing your skin in summer is not needed was utterly wrong.