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Natural Face Care Tips

Natural Face CareA beautiful glowing countenance is certainly on the wish list of many. It’s never too difficult to get a glam outlook only if you are ready to lead a balanced and careful life. If you ask the fitness experts they would generally advise for a natural face rather than opting for chemical beauty essentials since the latter can produce adverse effects on your skin. The post here is a brief on some simple natural face care tips that have proven to produce the desired stunning results.

Cleaning and moisturizing are the basics of a natural face care. You must make sure to wash your face twice everyday- once in the daytime and the other before retiring at night. Use a premium quality organic face-wash and not the body soap. Facial skin is more delicate in comparison to bodily and hence calls for special attention. A simple wash is okay for the daytime but the final wash at night must be preceded by a cleanser and toner application. Every time you wash your face, do not forget to apply an organic moisturizer complementing your skin type.

Then, you should be cautious about your daily habits and lifestyle if you want a glowing face naturally. Restrict gorging on junk foods and limit the junkies to once or maximum twice a month. Try to focus on fruits and fresh veggies for a healthy glow from inside. Avoid smoking as well as alcohol, coffee and tea as much as possible. Green tea is very good for health.

Drink minimum 8 glasses of water everyday. Exercise daily as healthy blood circulation improves the natural glow of your skin.
Lead a stress free life. Practice yoga or meditation if needed. Always remember that a good night sleep is one of the keys to an amazing face.

Get rid of uneven skin tone with baking powder

uneven skin toneBaking soda can work brilliantly in treating damaged and uneven skin. It has several natural chemicals along with antibacterial properties that can fix your damaged skin beautifully with no side effects. The mineral nutrient of baking soda dissolve quickly in skin and if you mix the powder with water and start rubbing on your skin then it can work greatly as a scrub.

The dead skins exfoliate from your body and this gives your skin a fresh and smooth look. The antibacterial components of baking soda help lessen the pimples of your skin and it also help you reduce blackheads from your skin.

But if you already have dry skin then you have to use baking soda consciously because it might over dry your skin and make your skin rough. So while using it you should be slow at the beginning. Applying baking soda with water once in a month is a good idea.


Wonder oatmeal does to your skin

Benefits of oatmeal, skin and health careOatmeal is very healthy for your body. It is incredibly beneficial for your healthy. There are contents of polysaccharides in oatmeal. The polysaccharides present in oatmeal become a substance like gel when you mix the oatmeal with water. This helps in creating a sheath that protects your skin, which is very helpful for preventing your skin from feeling dry and also flaking.

Oatmeal is also a key ingredient in a lot of commercial soaps. These soaps have a good reputation as a cleanser of pores of the human skin. You will also be able to prevent your skim from getting oily. Oatmeal also has good exfoliating properties. Therefore, you will be able to prevent your skin from the toxicities that affect your skin. Another good and beneficial property of oatmeal is that it can make the skin lighten in shades. You will also get relief from the irritations that affect your skin.

Natural cleansers for your skin

Natural skin cleansers, skin care tipsThe most important sense organ of your body is the skin. It is a protective layer for all the essential organs of your body. It also acts as a shock absorbent for the organs. So you must take proper care for your skin. Now it is not possible for you to stay indoors throughout the day. You have to get out in the sun to do various work. Thus the ultra violet rays of the sun affect the skin.

But before this affects your skin heavily, you should clean your skin with proper cleansers every day after your work. There are many commercial cleansers available in the market but they may not be the safe always due to the chemical content in them. Thus it is always safe to go for the natural cleansers. They don’t have side effects and also prove to be helpful in the proper care of your skin.

How to do away with stretch marks

Tips to prevent stretch marks, skin care tipsAfter pregnancy, women are left with a new loving baby and stretch marks. It’s quite a common phenomenon as after situations of pregnancy. Stretch marks is actually another form of scar, generally formed by the tearing of the layers of the skin, which can considerably get reduced or blurred at times or otherwise remain as a permanent scar if not taken care of.

However researches and developments in this field show that there are natural options to prevent these stretch marks or get them blurred otherwise. There are plenty of cosmetics and beauty products too; but there are health risks associated with their chemical compound based ingredients. Specifically, Vitamin E has showed good results to smoothing of stretched skin layers and even different natural oils are available that also shows positive test results and among them are Shea Butter and Garpeseed oils. There are many products available that are enriched with the natural ingredients so why take risks with chemical products.

Natural vitamin e serum for your skin

Vitamin E oil for skin, skin careVitamin E, a name given to a group of fat-soluble compounds is naturally present in some food components as recognisable eight chemical compounds and also available as supplements. With the adverse effects of the ultra-violet rays, it affects the oxygen molecules in our cells and in turn these toxic free radicals, damage the presence of proteins, lipids, DNA molecules and the collagen protein thus making the skin discoloured with ageing signs and wrinkles and can even lead to skin cancer. Vitamin E oil possesses the anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties thus declining the favourable leading to free radical formation.

Vitamin E oil has the ability of producing Collagen and Elastin, thus improving skin elasticity which reduces the ageing spots visibly. It can also reduce the water loss from the skin, thus the skin can retain the moisture, which inturn prevents dry skin problems. Sunburns can be treated with Vitamin E which reduces the tremendous pain and soreness. It also works miracle on scars and stretch marks. Thus Vitamin E Oil proves a solution to number of skin related issues.

Do away with saggy skin

Prevent saggy skin, skin careThe process of although being a natural one is not very liked and is certainly not welcome no matter at what age is starts. Ageing leads to sagging of skin giving the impression of old age arriving and with it, a sort of mental depression that your once flawless skin is no longer the same. But with the advancement of medical science, saggy skin can be done away with and you can once again regain your firm skin. One of the most preferred methods commonly used by women all over the world is cosmetic surgery. With the help of cosmetic surgery, the sagging, droopy skin can once again be tightened and wrinkles and stretch marks that appear due to old age can be reduced to a great extent. Many doctors however believe in a combination of both surgical and non surgical methods to yield the best possible results to reduce the skin sag and application of various skin firming creams have also produced great results in helping reduce saggy skin.

Home made body scrub recipes

Most people do not like eating bananas. That is fair enough. However, it is important that you know that there are more qualities of a banana than being just a healthy fruit. They can be used wonderfully for body care. The natural qualities of the bananas make them very useful for body scrubs. The pulp of the banana is a creamy one that is soothing and luscious. This can be very useful for carrying other ingredients for body scrubbing.

There is a natural moisturizing and nourishing quality of a banana which can be very useful for gentle lightening of the skin and exfoliation. You can prepare a scrub by mixing a ripe banana with granulated sugar of just three table spoons and some amount of extracts of pure vanilla or any other oil of your choice. All you will need to do to prepare the scrub is mesh these ingredients with one another.

How to give yourself an egg facial

With blemishes or oily skin or rather the combined skin, egg white facial does a good job keeping the skin smooth and pimple free and continue applying it unless it totally removes every skin problem. With regular usage, you tend to get a good result; moreover the application is so easy.

What you need for the treatment is one egg and a fork. Keep within reach, two small bowls, a cotton ball and awash clothe.
To start off, first make sure that the face is free of all previous make up’s and its preferable to get your hair, a tie at the back. Next get the egg you sorted out and crack it. Gently separate the yolk from the white. And keep the yolk for other purposes; now continuously start beating the egg white.
Next after completing the beating, you will have a smooth egg white solution, take the cotton ball and dip it in the solution and apply it on your face as layers. Now wait for 15 minutes and get it washed off, Let your skin get dried up and then apply your normal skin cream, that you daily use. When going out, better to use suns cream with SPF and daily clean your face. At the same time make sure that the eggs are fresh.

Natural beauty regime

Miles from any doubts, the demand and supply rates of artificial beauty products are escalating day by day. The present day debate says that whether a chemical made in a lab or object extracted from a herb, the result depends highly on the skin and style of the people, as no two humans can have the same body. Anything at all if I had to choose I would, but grasp nature. Natural beauty regimes are easy to fetch and cheaper to use as well as the effect is a long term benefit. Drinking water comes first and then consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Tomato is at the helm of your beauty while spinach and green tea also enhance your physical attractiveness, for a permanent amount of time. You must sleep for not less than 8 hours and exercise regularly. But most importantly believe in your-self,’ yes you are beautiful’. The adverse effects of using natural products are absolutely slim and trim unlike artificial products.