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Foot care and home pedicures

Foot care, home pedicuresAlmost all beauty parlors have packages for pedicures and foot care. Though initially the package comes for a much affordable price after a few additions the price goes up and sometimes it is so high that it crosses your budget by a wide margin. Well to avoid such things, you can try taking care of your foot as well as you can do pedicure sitting at home only at the cost few bucks only.

The first and foremost thing is to soak your feet in slightly warm water along with tea oil and other things just to loosen the dead cells and clear the pores. The next thing is to clear your feet properly. You can make use of some standard shower gel and pumice stone which is a must. By applying gently the pumice stone over your foot, you can remove the dead cells and clear it off. Next is to shape the nails of the toe with the help of a nail cutter and flat file. This is not a much difficult task. Lastly you can massage your foot properly to give it some rest and relaxation. You are now done with your pedicure and to your surprise you will find the price coming much less in comparison to any parlor.

Take care of your skin around the nails

Tips for nail care, skin careBiting nails when you get nervous or upset is habit practised by many. To make your nails remain in a good shape and also the skin around the nails is good. Bristex Lip Medex or any other moisturizing cream will have a generous effect when applied on the tip of your affected finger. The place near the cuticle and around the nails needs to be rubbed. Keep it for a while and make sure that the cream gets absorbed by the skin. Repeat the process for a considerable amount of time.

Get hold of a pair of gloves which are meant for the time of sleeping and put it on. This calls for the sleeping time, go asleep and when you wake up next morning you can see a drastic change in your skin around the nails. You will see that your confidence level will sky-shoot and you will not feel like biting your nails again. Keep putting lotions throughout the day on your precious fingers. The next time your bad habit wants to make you bite the nails, stop it by showing your good and well structured nails.

How to keep your legs smooth for long

Shaving of leg hair can be an easy option to opt for but they are too short lived, so there are arrays of options from waxing to laser treatments that are quite convenient and show desired and long-lived results. Waxing is a temporary solution but with regular intervals, the growth of hair can be delayed. It involves applying of hot and cold wax against your leg and then wiping off with silk cloth. Professional help can be asked for or DIY kits also available. Using Depilatory cream can also be solution; they are a chemical cream that restricts hair growth.

Once applied can restrict hair growth for two weeks. Laser treatments can destroy hair follicles, but it involves changes in skin colour, pains, swelling and blisters too as reported by skin doctors. So it’s better to think twice. Mechanical Epilators can even be used that pulls out hair from the roots. The other option that you are left with is Intense Pulsed Light treatment that works in line with laser treatment.