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Sources of Vitamin K

vitamin k, vitaminsVitamin K is an important vitamin which is required by the body for several functions including coagulation of blood, protein functions, and metabolism in muscles, skin, and bones. If you have vitamin deficiency, along with prescribed supplements, you should also include some kinds of foods in your diet which are rich in vitamin K. Herbs, both dried and fresh have high amounts of vitamin K. Other vegetables like spring onions, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cucumbers, asparagus, and other dark green leafy vegetables are also rich sources of vitamin K.

Prunes are also known to have high amounts of vitamin K. you should also put chili powder, paprika powder, cayenne and turmeric powder in your food to get more vitamin K in your body. You should also see a doctor to see how much amount you need on a daily basis to bring up the vitamin K levels again in your body.

How is your complexion related to your diet?

Why do we diet for? The common reasons are for our body weight, muscle toning or may be due to health issues. Very few people follow a strict diet for their skin’s complexion. Skin being the largest organ of the human body needs to be taken care of too. The veggies and fruits that we consume contain certain antioxidants which fight against wrinkles. Even healthy fat foods are very important for the skin.

Green vegetables which provide nutrition and other useful products to the human skin need to be had daily. You need to keep a balanced diet to make sure that the skin stays healthy and the complexion does not get affected. People whose faces show signs of aging much before their old-age years are the ones who did not follow a descent diet during their young age. The wrinkles will come out pretty soon if you do not eat a healthy diet.