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Foods for Glowing Skin

food for Glowing SkinAre you suffering from rough and dry skin? Does your skin exfoliate rapidly during the winters? Well then you should add some natural food in your dietary plan to keep your skin healthy, glowing and clean. Remember that having glowing and healthy skin does not only give you good looks but it also enhances your confidence level. So, instead of using different creams, foundation potions and glitters you should bank on planning your diet chart or consult a dietician.

What you should eat: According to a recent survey by Science Daily and USDA, to get brighter and glowing skin, there is no alternative of consuming fresh green vegetables and fruits with lots of Vitamin C. Iceberg lettuce, black and blueberries, orange are must for regular basis. Having good amount of calcium is also good for your skin. Therefore you should include cheese, milk in your diet. Remember that having bright skin and losing inner strength is not a clever idea. So besides Vitamin C you should also consume Vitamin A. Having egg, olive oil are the resources from where you can have Vitamin A.

Foods you should avoid: Spices, mustard oil consuming on a large extent can be dangerous for your skin. Remember everyone’s skin reacts differently to different food. Consuming prawn, lobster sometimes create allergy for some skin. Junk food, lots of soft drink, colas and hard drinks can also cause trouble to your skin. It also leads to quick aging of your skin. So stay away from spices and oily food. Eat healthy and fresh.

Water consumption: There is no alternative of consuming at least 10-12 glasses of water to keep your skin bright and healthy. You can depend on fruit juices, coconut water also, but on a daily basis consuming a lot of fresh water is essential.