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Benefits Of Watermelon On Your Skin

Benefits Of WatermelonBeing rich in anti oxidants, vitamin A and vitamin C, watermelons are very good and effective for your skin. Thus those who want a smooth skin are advised to have more of watermelons, also because of many other reasons. Watermelon is also very beneficial for protecting you against muscular degeneration. Watermelon, in addition to this, is also very beneficial for the eyes.

Watermelon is also regarded as a good anti oxidant because it fights against radicals that are free and are the main reasons for the emergence of wrinkles and spots. The fruit helps to remove all of these problems. It has the benefits of vitamin B1 and B6 along with magnesium and potassium and delivers more nutrients per calorie which are more than other vegetables and fruits. Due to the presence of vitamin A, it prevents the production of oil by the skin as it reduces pores.

Watermelon is known to hold 92 percent of water and hence supplies water to your skin which makes it look healthy and younger. The large amount of useful acids that are present in this fruit will make your skin look shiny. It also has a peeling effect that will help to cleanse the skin tenderly. It has very low calories and keeps you fit. It moisturizes the skin and revitalizes and thus the skin no longer looks dull. It is very effective as a struggle against acne and protects the skin from sun damage.

You can smash up a watermelon and apply it on your face for fifteen minutes along with mint leaves. If you have an oily skin then you can mix watermelon with yogurt or with banana, in case your skin is dry. For creating a toner, you can mix watermelon with honey and apply it on the dry skin.