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Summer Care Tips For Oily Complexion

Summertime means fun time and you are busy with outdoor activities. For those who have an oily complexion summertime might not be very pleasant. This is because the sweat mixes with the excess oil on your skin and you just feel miserable. Here are certain summer care tips for your oily complexion.

Whenever you get the opportunity wash your face. Use a proper face-wash or cleanser that is specially meant for oily complexion and the summer months. You can exfoliate your skin at times. Remember to moisturize your oily skin after washing it so that it does not dry.

Use a SPF moisturizer so that your skin is protected from ultraviolet rays of the sun. It will also be good if you can apply a sunscreen lotion each time you go out in summer months. It is always advised to apply cosmetics that are not oil based. Follow a healthy diet as it can have good effect on your oily skin.