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Ways to get rid of flaking skin

Skin care tips, skin careFlaky skin is a sign of under-nourished and dry skin. If you are constantly troubled by flaky skin then here are a few things that you can do:
• The first thing that you need to do is wash your skin properly with a moisturizing face wash. Once that has been done and your skin is free of all the dust and the dirt, the next thing to do would be to moisturize your skin with a good moisturizing cream.
• Follow the cleaning and toning method regularly and you will see a difference within a few days itself.
• If however the moisturizing cream alone is not helping then its time to treat your skin from within. Multi-vitamin tablets and capsules take care of your vitamin deficiency and help you deal with flaky skin.
• Increase vegetables rich in vitamin A and C inn your diet. Carrots are rich source of vitamin A and should be eaten daily for healthy skin.

How to get thick long lashes at home

eye lashes, eye careThe eye lashes make you look beautiful. Also they protect your eyes in a great way by keeping away dust particles and debris from entering your eyes directly. To have beautiful and longs eye lashes, you have to follow certain things and have to include certain items in your daily diet to get the desired result.

Try eating foods that have plenty of amounts of vitamin C and biotin. The biotin is a very important protein responsible for cell growth. Also the vitamin B3 helps in formation of collagen which is responsible for strength and structure of eye lashes. Thus you can get thick, long and beautiful eye lashes.

Too much exposure to the ultra violet rays or the sun’s rays and use excessive mascara can cause the deterioration and fall of eyelashes. So try avoiding the use of too much artificial cosmetic products rather concentrate on using vitamin A which contribute in the growth of eye lashes.

Dealing With Psoriasis At An Early Age

Psoriasis, skin diseasePsoriasis is an immune mediated disease, it happens when the immune system mistakes a normal skin cell for a pathogen, and sends out faulty signals which lead to over production of new skin cells. This non contagious disease apparently has no known cure but various treatments are known to control its symptoms.

Dealing with Psoriasis at an early age is tough as people during their early life are more conscious towards their peers than later. Unfortunately most dermatologists subscribe costly lotions and creams which are of no avail, and cause more damage through their toxins than provide actual help. Most doctors hardly empathize with the patients when they come to them with their permanent itch related to psoriasis. Parents need to understand the situation and instead of pointing fingers to probable causes they should start coming to terms with the situation rather than alleviating the peer pressure to enormous proportions.

Sources of Vitamin K

vitamin k, vitaminsVitamin K is an important vitamin which is required by the body for several functions including coagulation of blood, protein functions, and metabolism in muscles, skin, and bones. If you have vitamin deficiency, along with prescribed supplements, you should also include some kinds of foods in your diet which are rich in vitamin K. Herbs, both dried and fresh have high amounts of vitamin K. Other vegetables like spring onions, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cucumbers, asparagus, and other dark green leafy vegetables are also rich sources of vitamin K.

Prunes are also known to have high amounts of vitamin K. you should also put chili powder, paprika powder, cayenne and turmeric powder in your food to get more vitamin K in your body. You should also see a doctor to see how much amount you need on a daily basis to bring up the vitamin K levels again in your body.