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Mole removal tips

Tips to remove mole, skin care tipsThere are some effective ways of getting rid of mole without going for a surgery. You may take a cotton ball and get it dipped in vinegar with apple cider. Take the soaked cotton and then apply it to the mole. You can keep the cotton held to the mole with the help of a band aid or a tape that is meant for the skin.

You have to go on with the process for about a week or so. You will see that the mole will dry up and fall off eventually. If you have a sensitive skin, you should get the vinegar diluted so that it does not hurt your skin. Onion juice is also quite effective when it comes to removing moles. Cumin seeds are also very effective when it comes to getting rid of the moles. You have to make a paste by grinding the seeds and hold it to the mole with a cloth.

Pocket friendly skin care tips

skin care tipsOne of the best ways in which you can take care of your skin and ensure that you avoid those costly visits to the parlor is by taking regular care of your skin. Taking care of the skin does not necessarily mean buying and using expensive creams and cosmetics, here are a few pocket friendly tips that will keep your skin fresh and clean:


  • Wash your skin with a face wash well suited for your skin. You can also use papaya peels to get rid of excess dirt and dust from your skin and keep your skin squeaky clean.
  • Follow a regular skin care routine. If you have dry skin use a moisturizer before going to bed and if you have oily skin clean it thoroughly but gently before you retire for the night.
  • The only costly thing that is worth buying is a good sunscreen that will protect your skin when you step out in the sun.

How to care for your skin after waxing

Post waxing care, skin careIt is very important that you take care of your skin after waxing. There are a few things that you need to take care of after waxing your skin. It is important that you get your skin toned and cleansed at least twice a day for the next couple of days after waxing. It is important that you protect your skin for these two days.

Therefore, you should not use perfumes on the areas that has been waxed. The sensitivity of the skin increases after waxing. Therefore, no cosmetic products are to be used after the waxing if you do not want your pores to be closed. Then, it is strictly prohibited to get your skin overexposed to the sunlight during the forty eight hours after the waxing. If you are a swimmer, it is advised that you stay away from the pool during these two days as infection can be caused by the bacteria that enter through your open pores.

Stay hydrated the right way

Body care, health tipsIf you think you are feeling unusually tired and are becoming incapable of taking simple exercise, it is probably because of the fact that you are dehydrated. If you are dehydrated you will feel fatigued all the time. It is very important that you maintain a proper level of water in the body.

Therefore, you need consume enough fluid that would replenish your body. It is also very important that you keep your body hydrated when you are working out. Your body will lose electrolytes as well as fluids continuously when you are working out. Therefore, it is important that an additional source of fluid is taken by the body. Then, at the time of illness, it is very important that you keep on taking rehydration solution so that your body can fight the problems. Oral rehydration solution at its basic level is composed of water, salt and sugar.