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Pros and cons of dry brushing skin

Benefits of dry brushing skin, skin care tipsDry brushing leads to the skin getting detoxified. By this process many organs gets stimulated which leads to kind of an internal massage. The process is very cost effective and is also said to be very easy. By this process the dead skin cells get removed giving a healthy glow. It improves the blood circulation in the body as well as makes the immune system of the body more strong. The digestive system gets improved and it also leads to the toning of the muscles. The cellulite gets removed and the skin remains tight reducing chances of premature age marks. The nervous system is improved as well as the lymphatic system gets cleaned.

However try to hire an expert beautician for the purpose as if it is done in a wrong way then it may damage the skin. The brushing must be done very gently and the soft delicate areas must be avoided. Avoid the heart region or else it may cause health problems. In order to avoid any risk try to get prior information regarding the process and then enjoy the benefits of dry brushing.

Caring for your skin during the spring

Skin care tips, skin treatmentDuring the early spring, rejuvenating your skin is a very good idea as it is the exact time to improve our winter worn dull skin. To look the best preparing the skin is very vital for the new season. A few minor changes in our skin care daily routine can make a major difference in our skin appearance.

During spring it is important for you to switch from your old moisturizer to a lighter moisturizer so that you do not feel greasy and sticky. Everyday remember to wear your sunscreen as a SPF moisturizer is always recommended especially when you are exposing yourself to the sunlight for a long time. Use serums having antioxidants to nourish your skin as it prevents the skin from suffering radical damage and also helps to nourish and rejuvenate your winter worn dull skin. Once a week exfoliate your skin to replace the skin cells that are dead. Lastly eat lots of vegetables and fruits to improve your skin from inside.

Wonder oatmeal does to your skin

Benefits of oatmeal, skin and health careOatmeal is very healthy for your body. It is incredibly beneficial for your healthy. There are contents of polysaccharides in oatmeal. The polysaccharides present in oatmeal become a substance like gel when you mix the oatmeal with water. This helps in creating a sheath that protects your skin, which is very helpful for preventing your skin from feeling dry and also flaking.

Oatmeal is also a key ingredient in a lot of commercial soaps. These soaps have a good reputation as a cleanser of pores of the human skin. You will also be able to prevent your skim from getting oily. Oatmeal also has good exfoliating properties. Therefore, you will be able to prevent your skin from the toxicities that affect your skin. Another good and beneficial property of oatmeal is that it can make the skin lighten in shades. You will also get relief from the irritations that affect your skin.

Why is scrubbing essentials

Benefits of scrubbing, skin care adviceIn the current polluted environment you will need to take a good care of your skin. During the time you stay out of home your skill attracts a lot of dust particles and thus the quality of the skin gets damaged by every passing minute. To control this damage you need to scrub your skin on a regular basis so as to keep the skin of your face healthy and glowing.

There are many scrubs available in the market. Scrubbing your skin is necessary as it helps remove the dust that is present inside the pores of your skin. Along with the dirt and dust, scrubbing removes the blackheads from your face. The whiteheads are also removed by regular scrubbing. Thus regular scrubbing is quite essential. You can also scrub your face using lemon syrup and sugar scrub. These natural ingredients are best for scrubbing your face and keeping it healthy.

Prevent your skin from getting tanned while swimming

Prevent skin tanning, skin care tipsIf you like swimming then you must have faced tanning of the skin. Most white people are fond of tanned skin but let me tell you skin tan is not a good condition for your skin. This is due to exposure to the sun and its ultra violet rays. To protect yourself from tanning and getting your skin dark you can apply an effective sunscreen or a sun blocker about half an hour before you start swimming and reapply it after sometime because most of gets washed away. The lotion that you choose must be waterproof.

You can also buy after sun or after tan lotion to reduce the peeling of the skin and to replenish the skin nutrients. You can also choose to use natural extracts like orange scrubs and cucumber packs that shall help reducing the effects of tanning if the damage is already done.

Sun protection essentials

Prevent skin from sun, skin care tipsSummers are marked by scorching sunlight and humid temperature. The heat takes a tool on the health, so it is essential to take protection from the blazing sun.
Due to the Ozone Layer Depletion the harmful Ultraviolet sunrays enter the earth surface which is the main reason for skin cancer and several eye problems. Usage of sunscreen or a sun-block is a must when you step outside your home. The sunscreens have the quality of absorbing or reflecting the harmful UV radiation. A big hat and fully covered protective clothing need to be used for protection against sunburn. Polarized sunglasses will protect your eyes from the heat of the sun.

You can put Peppermint or lavender drops on your neck and below your feet which will give a cooling sensation in summers. However peppermint drops in your drinking water will cool the temperature of the body. Umbrellas are a must. Drink Vitamin C which repairs the damaged tissues and also take lots of water and fresh juicy fruits to safeguard yourself from the summer heat.

It is important to moisturize your skin during summers?

Tips to moisturize skin, summer skin careIt is important to keep your skin moisturized all you long. Moisture of the skin is important for keeping the skin in a healthy condition. If you do not keep your skin moisturized you will have to face the harsh conditions of the scorching sun. The rays of the sun are very hard during the summer time and if you do not moisturize your skin during the summer, you will have your skin tanned.

You would not be able to have a normal skin tome and there would be dark patches all over your skin. Lack of moisture shows sickness of the skin. If you think that moisture is needed only in winter, you are mistaken. a lot of moisture can be drained away during the summer and it is important that you get it back. Therefore, whoever told you that moisturizing your skin in summer is not needed was utterly wrong.

Why is toning your skin important

Benefits of skin toning, skin care tipsDo you know toning of your skin is an extremely significant action in any skin care plan or regime? Skin toning is very beneficial and healthy for your skin.

The essential benefit of using toners is that it tends to close the open skin pores. It shall prevent your skin from losing the natural moisture and natural oil in the atmosphere. Mud dirt and similar kind of particles are unable to accumulate because the toners close your pores. They not only close your pores but also remove dirt and excess oil as well. Usage of toners shall result in fresh firm and soft skin. It usually reduces the oiliness of your skin. Three to four minutes of healthy skin toning shall make your skin youthful, healthy and glowing. You must choose your skin toner very carefully because there are a lot of products that have destructive ingredients that will cause your skin to be unhealthy.

Natural cleansers for your skin

Natural skin cleansers, skin care tipsThe most important sense organ of your body is the skin. It is a protective layer for all the essential organs of your body. It also acts as a shock absorbent for the organs. So you must take proper care for your skin. Now it is not possible for you to stay indoors throughout the day. You have to get out in the sun to do various work. Thus the ultra violet rays of the sun affect the skin.

But before this affects your skin heavily, you should clean your skin with proper cleansers every day after your work. There are many commercial cleansers available in the market but they may not be the safe always due to the chemical content in them. Thus it is always safe to go for the natural cleansers. They don’t have side effects and also prove to be helpful in the proper care of your skin.

How to do away with stretch marks

Tips to prevent stretch marks, skin care tipsAfter pregnancy, women are left with a new loving baby and stretch marks. It’s quite a common phenomenon as after situations of pregnancy. Stretch marks is actually another form of scar, generally formed by the tearing of the layers of the skin, which can considerably get reduced or blurred at times or otherwise remain as a permanent scar if not taken care of.

However researches and developments in this field show that there are natural options to prevent these stretch marks or get them blurred otherwise. There are plenty of cosmetics and beauty products too; but there are health risks associated with their chemical compound based ingredients. Specifically, Vitamin E has showed good results to smoothing of stretched skin layers and even different natural oils are available that also shows positive test results and among them are Shea Butter and Garpeseed oils. There are many products available that are enriched with the natural ingredients so why take risks with chemical products.