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Wonders Vaseline does to your skin

The human skin has an inherent amount of moisture stored in them. It is very necessary for the skin to have this amount of water content else the skin cells may die from loss of water. The skin always interacts with the atmosphere and the water content in the skin directly depends on the ambient humidity. In areas where humidity is less, it might be needed to protect the skin against loss of moisture. And that is exactly what Vaseline does.

It is one of the best forms of commercial petroleum jelly that one can find. It has no odour of its own and also comes in a colourless jelly form. They can be one of the best things for use to protect the skin against the loss of moisture from it to the ambient atmosphere. They are completely safe and can be applied to all skin types without any concern.

Post shaving skin care

If you do not shave in the proper way, you may have ingrown hair. This is called pseudo folliculitis barbae. They are also known as razor bumps. These may take place in any given part that is regularly shaved and they happen most commonly in the areas like the head, face, genital areas and other areas that are shaved heavily. You have to apply a nice after-shave lotion to your skin, each time you shave.

This will soothe the skin that has been shaved. However, you have to apply a lotion that will suit your skin. If a wrong lotion is used you may find it adversely affecting your skin with burns and rashes. Therefore, you have to choose a treatment for after-shave that will not let the perspiration of the body burn the area that has been shaved. A good treatment of after-shave will also let you avoid the discoloration of the skin that is caused by scrapes and cuts. You will also be able to stay away from ingrown hair, razor bumps or swelling of the skin.

Scalp care essentials

Taking care of your scalp is essential and is should be not taken lightly. The first thing which should be done regularly is to wash the scalp on a daily basis. Keeping your scalp clean is very essential as it will minimize the clogging of the pores and reduce the chances of other scalp problems. One can opt for a shampoo which is gentle enough to be used every day. Try going for all natural shampoo and use the shampoo in the hair and the scalp for two minutes approximately. One does not need to wash the hair and scalp and repeat the process as one good wash is enough for a day as you are shampooing every day or even alternate days.

You must opt for exfoliating your scalp on a weekly basis also. Exfoliation means removing of the dead cells and dirt from your scalp one or even twice a week with a good exfoliating scrub like any gentle face scrub available in the market.

How to get rid of white heads

It is a cosmopolitan world we live in and being looks conscious is considered a birth right here. In the list, the skin heads. White heads are one of the most prominent and widespread disorder which one faces. They are a sign of unhealthy skin. Howbeit, few strategies can be followed to garner a fresh, shining and healthy skin. A powerful clean bath on every basis is of great help. One should never pick, touch forget about pressing whiteheads. Moisturize once and regularly your precious skin.

Natural beauty products and skin remedies are viable and always welcome entities. The key is keeping your skin hydrated, well exfoliated and supple. Maintain a regular skin care regime and you will see such skin issues fading away. Problems are inevitable; one should not hit the panic button, but be patient then. Your beauty is yours, no one can gaggle it from you, only it goes for a hiatus.

How is your complexion related to your diet?

Why do we diet for? The common reasons are for our body weight, muscle toning or may be due to health issues. Very few people follow a strict diet for their skin’s complexion. Skin being the largest organ of the human body needs to be taken care of too. The veggies and fruits that we consume contain certain antioxidants which fight against wrinkles. Even healthy fat foods are very important for the skin.

Green vegetables which provide nutrition and other useful products to the human skin need to be had daily. You need to keep a balanced diet to make sure that the skin stays healthy and the complexion does not get affected. People whose faces show signs of aging much before their old-age years are the ones who did not follow a descent diet during their young age. The wrinkles will come out pretty soon if you do not eat a healthy diet.

Botox Vs Anti Ageing Creams

People are getting more and more cautious regarding their looks and are finding out means to enhance their beauty. If you are under any confusion regarding what is a better option – Botox or anti ageing creams then this article will provide you ample reasons why Botox is harmful.

Botox is very expensive and also includes the usage of painful injections. Results are also temporary. It contains poisonous Botulium which is a bacterial neurotoxin whose exposure has caused several deaths. Botox cannot remove age spots, sun damage, fine lines and saddle bags under eyes and instead it weakens the skin. On the other hand the anti ageing creams feed the skin cells and make them more elastic. High levels of antioxidants are present which are harmless. A natural wrinkle reducing product contains vitamins and minerals which increase the collagen which makes the skin soft. Skin brightening products reduces uneven pigmentation and gives a healthy glow. Such creams rejuvenate the skin as well. Now hopefully you know which one of the above is more skin friendly.

How to avoid ingrown hair

There are a lot of ways nowadays that can help you to get rid of your ingrown hair that has given you a lot of irritation and redness after removing them out of disgust. You should use a scrub to remove your dead skin prior to shaving; this will help you to point out the hair which is coming out of your skin and get is shaved eventually. It’s recommended to shave after being in the shower for a while.

Besides, you can use new blades to get the ingrown hair out. Old blades are blunt and carry a lot of bacteria causing irritation to the shaved skin. If you still have ingrown hair after shaving conventionally you can shift to the use of electric razors. You must keep a watch on the technique and pressure while at it because too much of pressure will remove the surface of the skin to some extent; you should always shave along and with the grain which otherwise would cause skin irritation.

Home made body scrub recipes

Most people do not like eating bananas. That is fair enough. However, it is important that you know that there are more qualities of a banana than being just a healthy fruit. They can be used wonderfully for body care. The natural qualities of the bananas make them very useful for body scrubs. The pulp of the banana is a creamy one that is soothing and luscious. This can be very useful for carrying other ingredients for body scrubbing.

There is a natural moisturizing and nourishing quality of a banana which can be very useful for gentle lightening of the skin and exfoliation. You can prepare a scrub by mixing a ripe banana with granulated sugar of just three table spoons and some amount of extracts of pure vanilla or any other oil of your choice. All you will need to do to prepare the scrub is mesh these ingredients with one another.

Differentiate between rosacea and acne

Rosacea is a type of skin disease which is more common with people who have an extremely fair skin complextion. Rosacea causes various problems in skin such as red patches which tends to appear on the area of the nose, forehead, and cheeks in the face and this stage is known as erythema. One can also face small bumps on face in extreme cases of Rosacea which might also lead to irritation sensation and red eyes, along with lobulated nose in many cases. This skin disease,
Rosacea is a more commonly faced by women rather than men and to people between the age group of thirty years old to sixty years old. The essential difference between Rosacea and acne is the existence of comedones that is one of the most important part of acne problem and is totally not present in Rosacea. Blackheads are present in acne but not in Rosacea.

Razor bumps, how to treat them

Having a clean and a close shave is something that we all like to have. However there are often times when even after a shave we are left with those annoying razor bumps. These bumps are mainly due to the curved hair that grows back into the skin causing nasty little bumps on our skin. It can be a real pain for one but the good news is that they can be got rid of pretty easily.

The first thing is the process of cleansing. One has to cleanse the skin with any commercial cleanser. It is better if the product has Aloe Vera in it as that will help in having a soothing affect over the area. One should not try and shave over the affected area for multiple times. Also using an after shave lotion will go a long way in making sure that the inflammations do not occur easily.